ZIF PCI Test Connector

Shorts, opens, intermittence, pass, fail, and scrap are words that are all too familiar to test engineers and lab technicians. Usually a PCB board that is being tested is inserted into a connector on a test head prior to running the diagnostics. If the board passes, all is well and good. But what happens when a failure appears? Can it be traced to the board? Or could it be the connector on the test head? How many insertions and withdrawals has that connector experienced? All to often it can be the connector on the test head. Meritec has designed a number of test connectors that can eliminate that uncertainty. How would you like to have a test connector with a life cycle greater than 100,000 insertions and withdrawals? Call us today to discuss your application and requirements.

Meritec’s ZIF PCI Test Connector offers the user an accurate and reliable way in which to test their PCI cards. With over 10,000 reliable cycles, it eliminates the need to constantly replace your PCI Connectors. Meritec’s Test Connector assembly plugs directly into the PCI Connector in the test bed and is actuated by a lever for easy loading and unloading of cards. Meritec’s solution eliminates the uncertainty associated with intermitancy between the PC Board and Test Connector during the test cycle. The PCI Test Connector is available as a 32 Bit assembly. 

32 bit Assembly with board
Part Number 980550-120-1ACF


  • Mates to 32 Bit 3,3V and 5,0V standard PCI connectors

  • Minimum of 10,000 cycles

  • Available with or without adapter cards to mate with standard PCI Connectors or a 0,062" PC Board

  • Custom adapter cards available upon request

  • Straddle mount design allows the connector to be terminated to a test designer’s own adapter card

  • The lever-actuated design allows for quick and easy loading and unloading of PCI cards

  • Reduces tester downtime for increased production flow

  • Minimal rotation of 40 degrees of the cam accommodates the full open and closed position of the contact 



Contact resistance

Dielectric withstanding voltage

Current rating

Insulation resistance

20 milliohm (maximum) 

1000 VAC (minimum) @ 60 Hz

1.0 AMP per contact (continuous)

>1 x 1012 ohms @ 500 VDC


Contact material

Number of contacts

Normal force

Actuation force

Dielectric material

copper alloy


75 grams minimum per contact

1 in/lb of torque

glass filled black LCP


Temperature Range

-40C to +105C 

 U.L. rated 94 V-0


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